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7 things about digital marketing your boss wants to know

April 12, 2018.Saurabh Madhusudan Patel.0 Likes.0 Comments

There has been increased utilization of internet in today’s time. Developed countries are leading in terms of the internet utilization. This has lead to the emergence of the completely new field of the career of digital marketing. Numerous individuals and even some of the organizations are moving to this field in order to earn by performing marketing of different products on their portal.

The kind of revenue which is brought from the same will depend on the number of the audience received, the location of the audience, their interest levels and so on. This will govern how much they engage with the marketing banners which are kept on the portal which can be converted into the respective revenue to the people who own the website.

Things about digital marketing your boss would want to know

Few things are quite crucial about digital marketing which is affecting the generated revenue from the same. It is thereby required that boss would be eager to know about these parameters in order to increase their targeted audience and thereby their revenue.

  1. Greasing up your company’s blog: It is extremely required to keep your company website updated with blog posts in order to bring a large number of targeted users to your blog. It is hereby required to publish quality content every week on your blog with proper designing.
  2. Polish your strategy for social media: Social media is an important platform which can help you in reaching your targeted customers. It is thereby required to build a proper strategy to showcase your boss which can bring a large number of targeted customers or viewers to your blog or website.
  3. Paid Digital Advertising: Initially in case of digital marketing there is a need to have a push to get the targeted customers to visit your site. Paid Advertising by many platforms will help you in getting the desired customers to your blog on an initial phase.
  4. Mobile-friendly website: Most of the internet users are surfing the internet on their mobile devices. Thereby it becomes important to have a mobile-friendly version of your website too.
  5. Digital Marketing Analytics: It will help you in getting the detailed analysis of the behaviour of customers who are visiting your website. It will also give insights about the kind of customers who are interested in the particular stuff which is kept on your blog which can help you in designing respective content.
  6. Market Research: One should also carry out the study of the current internet users. It will carry their surfing habits, the content which they prefer the most, presentation skills which can attract them. This will help you in designing your own website effectively.
  7. Easy to get started: This doesn’t require so much of knowledge to be implemented. With the basic knowledge of social media marketing and how to present on your website, you can get started to see the immediate results of revenue from your website.


Thus, we can say that few of the parameters are highly affecting the way we can bring out the revenue from the same. These things will greatly be encouraged to be known by your boss and the kind of results which you are gaining by implementing the same.

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