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Comparison Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

February 26, 2018.Saurabh Madhusudan Patel.0 Likes.0 Comments

A lot of small businesses struggle with deciding which type of market to consider for the reason that their budget will stretch only to one or another, not both. It isn’t easy to decide as both marketing methods can be profitable and can also offer you results. So, which is best for you? Well, before you decide, it would be wise to know first about the pros and cons of traditional and digital marketing for you to understand more about these.

An Overview of Traditional and Digital Marketing

Traditional marketing involves the use of the print ads in magazines and newspapers. Some examples of this include flyers, which are put in the mailboxes, commercials both on the radio, billboards, and TV. On contrary, when businesses invest in building a website, advertising a brand name through various social media sites, the strategy is known as digital marketing.

The Good and Not So Good about Traditional Marketing

  • You can quickly reach your target local audience. For instance, the radio ad could play in a location or the mailbox flyers would go to households in a particular number of the suburbs.
  • The materials can also be kept and the audience can get a hard copy of the materials in which they could browse or read through over and over again.
  • It is also easy to understand. It could be understood easily by most people since they’re exposed to this type of strategy.
  • Results on traditional marketing can’t be measured easily.
  • Radio ads or print ads can be costly. The printing materials are costly and you have to hire some individuals to distribute all of them.
  • There’s few interaction between the customers and medium used.

The Good and Not So Good about Digital Marketing

  • You won’t only be able to target the local audience, but also you’ll be able to reach the global audience.
  • Your audience may pick how they prefer to get your content.
  • Interaction with the audience is possible using the different social media sites. As a matter of fact, interaction is recommended. Traditional marketing does not allow audience interaction. But, with digital marketing, you can encourage everyone to take action, read your services and products, and visit your site.
  • Digital marketing is much cheaper in comparison to traditional marketing.
  • Results and data are recorded easily.
  • Real-time results and brand development.
  • Your content has a good chance to go viral.
  • The only downside with digital marketing is that you have to stay updated with the trends and sometimes, you need to invest a huge amount of money just to keep up with the most advanced technology that you can use for marketing your business. There are also tools that you might need to use to get the results you want.

The Bottom Line

Both traditional marketing and digital marketing can work effectively. Some experts recommend using these types of marketing simultaneously, especially if you have the budget. With this, you can be assured that your business will stay ahead of the competition.

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