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Every Startup Should Focus on These 5 Things

March 12, 2018.Saurabh Madhusudan Patel.0 Likes.0 Comments

It can be very difficult to start a company, especially if this is your first time to do so. You have to think about a million and one things that it is all too easy to lose track of them.

To ensure that your startup wouldn’t go down the drain before it even grows to its fullest potential, there are five important things that you must learn to focus on.

Capturing the Good Moments

The startup journey is never an easy one, especially for first timers unless you happen to be one of those lucky few. Most of the time, this roller coaster ride will give you downs, and only a few handfuls of ups. But, just like many things in this world, there is nothing wrong with getting addicted to these ups.

The entrepreneurial success is like a mental game where you lose once you give up. At the same time, it is also a numbers game when 1 yes will give you 50 no’s. So, take time to celebrate every yes or two you get as this will make the whole ride more enjoyable and make you feel more motivated as well.

Knowing Your Priorities

In every startup, there are tons of task that might not really look important at first. However, it doesn’t mean that you just wait for them to become urgent. You have to realize the relationship between importance and urgency and learn that sometimes, knowing your priorities can go a long way if you don’t want to spend sleepless nights just because you are getting complaints here and there. The best way to do it is to plan well in advance to avoid getting stuck in crisis mode, consumed by urgency.

Forming Positive Habits

When you speak habits, this probably comes with a lingering negative connotation but this doesn’t really have to be the case all the time. Forming good and positives is one of the most helpful techniques that can get more things done. Take Steve Jobs for example. If you think that he wore the same clothes for the sake of a fashion statement, you better think again. What people considered a fashion faux pas was actually an intentional habit developed to save creative energy for those things which truly matter. Stop wasting your cognitive energy on repetitive motions, and instead, form some energy and time-saving habits that will let you do your job better.

Aiming Higher

Anyone can set achievable goals and achieve them. However, when you set goals which might look unreasonable at first, you can step out of your comfort zone and even force yourself into solving challenges you could have otherwise avoided. When you aim high, you also increase the chances of achieving more beyond expectations.

Scheduling “Me” Time

Startups have the tendency of glorying long hours as a rite of passage, and it easy to follow the hype. You find yourself working long hours to the point that you no longer have time for yourself. However, remember that your greatest asset as a startup is yourself and your body. To avoid feeling burned out and depressed, cultivate some positive habits like exercise and meditation. You will be surprised how these can work wonders in becoming more productive and ensuring your startup’s sustainable growth.

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