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About Me

Hi, I am Saurabh Patel, a highly creative, result oriented professional having more than 12 years of experience to boast about. Located in Ahmedabad, I have carved a career in the domain of branding, marketing and operations.

Expertise & Skills

I have my core skills in communication, analytical, team management, marketing strategy, technical (software) and design. I am proficient in three languages, namely English, Hindi and Gujarati and very much an outward person loving to mingle with the others. My strength is my strong communication skills and the ability to convey the message very clearly and crisply to those intended. Right from the start of my career, I have held some of the most important and crucial positions in the different organizations that I had served and my decisions did reflect positively upon the smooth functioning of the business, productivity and sales volume.

Personal and Educational background

Born on 2nd August 1985, I am a happily married person loving to travel to new places, mingle with people of all types, undertake creative things and help friends by providing them with new strategies and concepts both in their business and personal life. I have completed my schooling from Nelson Higher Secondary School and B. Com (Bachelor of Commerce) from Sambalpur University in 2006.

I also love volunteering and helping people and animals. Some of the areas that I love to participate and contribute my effort and time are as follows:

  • Arts & culture
  • Animal welfare
  • Human rights
  • Children
  • Social services
  • Science & Technology

Awards & Certifications

I have earned some certifications and received some prestigious awards for my contributions towards the growth of the organization where I had been employed. They are as follows:

  • “Employee of the Month” at iCall Limited in August 2007
  • “Star Team Leader” at Aegis Limited in July 2008
  • “Six Sigma – Green Belt” at Aegis Limited / Tata in April 2010
  • “Innov Aegis” at Aegis Limited in April 2012
  • “Employee of the Year” at Mediscribes & ezDI India in July 2014
  • “Marketing Innovations” at AMA in September 2014
  • “Creating Corporate Identity & Branding” at NID in August 2015

Work Experience

I have worked in some of the best organizations and had been found to be highly dedicated throughout my career, be it in operations, branding and marketing.

  • Worked as “Sr. Team Leader” at iCall India Private Limited (Ascemdum) between 2004& 2008.
  • Worked as “Asst. Manager – Operations” at Aegis Limited between 2008 & 2012
  • For a brief period of one year between 2012 & 2013 successfully ran own café called ‘Otla Panchayat Café’.
  • Rejoined work in the profile of “Asst. Manager – Marketing” at Mediscribes / ezDI Inc. between 2014 & 2016.
  • Presently donning the role of a “Director” with Joint Scope Technologies Pvt. Ltd. from 2016.

During the tenures of my work in different organizations and different profiles, I have been able to imbibe excellent communicative skills, strategic planning, leadership, team building, problem solving skills and strategic planning. I also have developed client focused organizational cultures which has helped in improving customer satisfaction.

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