Every human is born with some creativity. It is up to him or her to recognize them and use them at the appropriate time. This is like the missed opportunities, which you may think I missed it before itself, but I know how to do it! However, one can unleash your creativity by following the below steps. This will make you a better person, a better surrounding, and better life, to live-in within your community.

Observe Your Surroundings with In-Sight

The answer to our life is in our backyard or the planet we live in. The people, who observed and try to find how it is happening, why it is happening and what for having become great inventors, now we live on those people creative thinking and what we do now is innovation on those discoveries only. Fine examples are apples do fall down before it captured creatively in Newton’s mind. This led to gravity and later invention of electricity and magnetism. If Steve Jobs did not observe Japan made walk-man, iPod will not have come into the consumer electronics market. This led to innovation into communication like what we use the latest Smartphone.

Think Positive!

The foremost question of all is how we can think positive when there is negative. Of course, the rule of nature is this and we have to think positive to overcome those negatives. The Newton’s 3rd law of physics state that every action has its opposite reaction. However, this is also true to humans, as you will be always disguised by your fellow members or within your family. You have to overcome those negatives and go ahead with your good thoughts. You must never think, the negative energy surrounds you is null. Nevertheless, they made you think positive about their negative attitude.

Love Mother Nature

Spend some time with Mother Nature and find its beauty, mystery and the hidden treasure in it. Spending much time with nature will improve your creativity. It is advisable to be away from hasty city life and do some Yoga and meditation in a calm place. The keys to imagination will open when you do deep meditation with deep breathing. This is an ancient technique, and many are benefited with doing things creatively later on. Our own Earth we live is the answer to all our questions. One has to think deep and observe deep to know the hidden facts about life and the planet we live-in.

Creativity is not some think you have to born with, it is to awake them by our own experiences in life. We must not miss the second chance when it comes naturally. It is our approach and doing with love and dedication that we do things differently. You will do it with passion, but the world will observe you as a creative person. It is advisable to do what you like the most and do think how to simplify them to do it better. Here, your creativity will work and it will be appreciated.

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© Saurabh Madhusudan Patel